Butts On Bikes Inc. (BOBI)
New York Bike Venue List
This list is woefully incomplete and a work in progress. Please send us e-mail about venue locations, website information and information about organizations that promote and help to maintain these venues.
A public charity under IRC Section 170 and tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3).
Encouraging New Yorkers to ride for their community and well being
Ready  to ride!
All systems go, with helmets on and the route planned.
All photos, unless specifically captioned, by George Peaff. BOBI welcomes photo conrtibutions from other photographers, who will receive a caption to identify their picture contribution.
About us
The mission of Butts On Bikes Inc. (BOBI) is to promote the sport of bicycling to boys and girls, specifically ages five and up, and adults by providing riding lessons, bike maintenance and bicycle safety and to advocate for bike lanes, trails and other riding venues. BOBI will be guided by the formation of a riding, maintenance and safety training program to be used by individuals, schools, recreation departments, bike clubs, bike shops and other entities within the State of New York.

Play host to BOBI's programs

BOBI cannot put more people on bikes by itself. It needs the help of schools, recreation departments, bike clubs, bike shops and other entities to host its programs. BOBI also needs venues to run its programs, from classrooms to bike trails.
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Nothing gets done without donors and sponsors

Yes, non-profits need funding sources, but monetary donations are not the only way to contribute. BOBI can use donated bikes, bike apparel and helmets, nutritional products, water bottles and more.
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